Creating affordable home dialysis


The Problem

Globally, there are 2.3 million patients who die each year in emerging markets because they either can't afford or access dialysis therapy. In the US, dialysis patients make up 1% of all Medicare patients, yet their current care costs 7% of the entire Medicare budget at $35B per year! There is a tremendous need for an affordable, easy to use home dialysis system. 


I'd like to live a normal life, not spend it in a dialysis clinic



Our Solution

Simergent is committed to putting patient’s needs first, while developing a safe and effective automated peritoneal dialysis device for the United States and emerging markets including Mexico, China, India, and other Latin American and Asian markets. Our Archimedes system will allow patients to live a normal life, rather than spending every other day in a dialysis clinic.



The Archimedes system is not FDA approved and is not yet available for sale.


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