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Steve J. Lindo


Simergent began in late 2014. Its founder and CEO, Steve Lindo, previously worked for medical device and aerospace  corporations in R&D and systems engineering. He is the former Lead System Designer for Baxter Healthcare's market-leading automated peritoneal dialysis system. 


Rick Pendergraft, Ph.D


Rick Pendergraft, Ph.D. is Simergent's co-founder and Chief Technology officer.  He has 17 years of experience as a software developer, design engineer, and product development team manager. Dr. Pendergraft has extensive experience developing products for regulated industries including banking, insurance, aerospace, and medical devices.



Chicago Innovation Mentors (CIM) - Simergent joined CIM in April 2016. We have an advisory team consisting of several current and former medical device executives whose titles have included CEO, VP of Marketing, and VP of Europe, Middle East, & Africa (EMEA) business. Many have dialysis market experience. We also have a scientific advisory board consisting of well-known and highly published thought leaders in the dialysis industry, including several nephrologists and a dialysis nurse educator. Several of our investors are practicing nephrologists who also offer clinical guidance.